National Nanotechnology Program in Israel

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Advancement of Nanotechnology in Israel Thanks to Five-Year National Program

INNI, a combined initiative of the Israel Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Forum for National Research and Development Infrastructures (TELEM), is planning to set national targets and prioritize the advancement of nanotechnology in Israel.

After having declared nanotechnology a national priority, during the last five years the field of nanotechnology has developed considerably in the country. Israel has published more than 6,000 scientific papers in the last three years, of which 1,170 are collaborative studies from Israeli universities.

Furthermore, 625 partnerships were established between Israel's industries and universities and about 170 patent approvals and company start-ups were achieved during this period. In addition, another 704 patent applications were filed.

Due to the achievements of the first five years of the program, it has been decided to continue funding for the next five years. However, the program will now focus on R&D in nanotechnology for industrial applications rather than on infrastructure construction.


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