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Aselection of what we think are some of the best Spanish wines in terms of value for money.

You'll be able to find most of these wines in good wine-shops (bodegas) or in large supermarkets with a good wine section. If you want to sendus a review of a good-value Spanish wine, please do!


CellarName and Description
FRUTOS VILLARMuruve Crianza, 2002The wine-making region Toro is often overlooked by wine-lovers who prefer wines made just a few kilometers away in the Ribera de Duero. This means that while many of the wines produced in the Toro region have nothing to envy Ribero Duerowines (they share the same climate, and often the same grape varieties), they are much cheaper. This wine is an excellent example of a warm, deep red wine at an excellent price (about 2.90 EUROS per bottle).
B. DE CRIANZA CASTILLA LA VIEJABornos Rueda Superior Palace, 2002. We find some Rueda wines a bit over-priced, but this one is as good value as you'll get. Made with 90% Verdejo grape and 10% Viura grape, it costs about 5 EUROS and is best served very chilled. It makes an excellent aperitive wine. The bodega hasn't got a web site yet.
TOMELLOSO VINICOLAIndigo. My wife and I thought this was a delicious fruity white wine. It is from Castilla La Mancha and only costs about 3 €. We came across it by chance when we were served it as an aperitive in a restaurant near Cuenca, and were surprised at its full, crisp taste. Excellent value for money, and a welcome change (for us) from the usual Torres whites ", David and Dorothy Stephenson, English residents in Polop (Alicante)
B.R.Las Reñas Monastrell 2002 is a fantastic red wine from the Murcian region. We live in La Manga, and have been to visit the Bullas bodega - everything is nice and clean, and the wines are delicious. I think this is their best price: value wine. It costs about 2,5 €, has a deep full flavor and goes best with meat dishes or after-dinner cheeses "Olaf, La Manga.
CODORNIU GROUPBach 2001. "Einen guten Jungwein zu finden, der wenig Geld kostet, das ist eine Herausforderung !! Und in Spanien ist es möglich. Der junge Weisswein Bach kostet nur 2.90 € und ist der ideale Frühlings- und Sommerwein". Werner Kurtz, Malaga

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