Why do Taurus and Leo pulse each day?

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Taurus is an Earth sign and its ruler is Venus, and Leo of Fire and its ruler is the Sun. The drives of Leo they are much more agile and changeable than those of Taurus, which is calmer and takes things differently. For this reason and for many other differences, although they can be tolerated well, I am going to give you 15 reasons why They pulse every day, since neither of them wants to be dominated by the other.

15 reasons why Taurus and Leo pulse each day

1- Taurus he wants to do things his way and for others to do them like him too. Is dominant and uncompromising, protective and loving. He wants to force others to obey him and of course, Leo is not allowed.

2- Taurus is super protective and wants to have Leo controlled and protected under his wing, for fear of something happening to him. Leo suffocates a bit when Taurus gets into this plan and tries to limit you and tell you what to do.

3- Leo is a free spirit, who loves to be independent and go as he pleases. He cannot stand being controlled and wants to make Taurus understand that he will not succeed that way. Daily discussions.

4- Leo is a surly kitten, which overwhelms him when they hug him too much and rub him excessively. And go where! Our bull is a nose job. All day he's kissing and hugging. It's no wonder Leo runs off and gets burdened with Taurus.

5- Taurus likes to philosophize a lot and Leo also, so that out there they can be understood very well. The exchange of ideas that can occur between them will be very interesting and will make them feel happy.

6- Everyone is known how stubborn and stubborn Taurus isWhen something is put on his head, he becomes stubborn and does not stop until he succeeds. You can argue for hours. Leo on the other hand, hates to argue hours for something. Leo says one thing once, twice and that's too much. What happen? Well, anger.

7- If you want to see a Leo become a Lion, pound him with something for a long time. He will roar fiercely and slam the door and take off. Amount is overwhelmed.

8- Leo is independentYou like to follow your impulses and your intuitions. Then share it all, but Can't stand to be glued to someone all the time, tied up, unable to breathe. If Taurus is able to understand that, they can get along.

9- Taurus prefers all the things in your life to the family. Leo is more selfishBut they can perfectly reach an agreement and coexist without problems, distributing time and obligations equitably.

10- Taurus is very homey and Leo's house falls on him. There may be a big difference, which will have to be negotiated. Leo He is constantly with friends for everything: dinners, drinks, getaways, shops, parties ... He's a great host and Taurus doesn't have that need. He loves his sofa, but if Leo takes him to a lot of social events, he lets himself be convinced and accompanies him.

11- The same happens with travel. Leo is a super traveler and Taurus does not feel the need. Maybe two trips a year are enough for Taurus. Instead Leo needs a lot of weekend getaways, several short trips and a big one. Everything will depend on the negotiation that takes place between the two.

10- Sexually there is a lot of attraction between them. Taurus loves the sophistication of Leo and Leo likes that they want to protect him and that they have chosen him for a serious and stable relationship. They are relationships that usually work once the rules and limits are established.

11- Taurus is sensual and romantic, detailed until death and this loves Leo. Leo is more passionate and is also a retailer. Together you can establish a relationship full of surprises and exciting moments.

12- Taurus needs to know that his Leo is only his, own him and know where he is at all times. This well-run total control shouldn't be a problem. The problem for Leo is when he becomes a jealous and possessive Taurus, distrustful and doubting Leo's honesty. Leo can't stand jealousy and runs away.

13- Taurus and Leo enjoy luxuries, the romantic and exquisite dinners, the dream hotels, the surprise trips, the expensive clothes… They are both gourmets, who with money can enjoy life as dwarfs.

14- The two are looking for a partner for life and surrender, but… For Leo it will be as long as it works 100% otherwise he leaves the ship. Your relationship can be daily pulse, until they reach an agreement. If they can understand each other and set rules and limits, they can be very happy.

15- They get along very well at work. They are both hard-working, all-terrain, responsible, enterprising, creative and are executives. They would enjoy themselves like dwarves if they worked together, because they would form an incredible tandem. If they set up a company they will be assured of success.

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