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Cheap flight companies are beginning to take their first steps in Latin America. Following the guidelines of pioneering companies that like Ryanair, EsayJet (in Europe) or Southwest (in the United States), a Brazilian company, Gol Intelligent Airlines, has burst into Brazil with a vocation to revolutionize the Latin American market. At the moment it is a low-cost company, without its rates being able to be classified as cheap flights yet.

Goal: Smart Air Lines

In less than a five-year period, Gol Líneas Aéreas Inteligentes has managed to become one of the most dynamic and expansive low-cost airlines in Latin America.

Gol smart airlines, follow the cost control and investment strategies of this type of company. Its expansion leaves no room for doubt; there is the recent acquisition of the latest generation Boeing 737-700, increasing its fleet to the 36 aircraft it currently owns.

Third company in Brazil, with a vocation to grow in Latin America

Its enormous expansion has led it to become the third largest airline in Brazil. At present it absorbs a 26.24% share of the Brazilian market, surpassed only by TAM (43.03%) and Varig (28.32%).

“Gol's successful operation in Argentina (since last year) has proven that there is an opportunity to expand our business throughout South America.“, As recently pointed out a Vice President of Gol, Tarcisio Gargioni.

Flights to Buenos Aires and rest of Latin America

The company has flights to Buenos Aires and plans new routes to Montevideo (Uruguay) and Asunción (Paraguay), before the end of the year. Their plans to establish a route to Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) have been postponed due to problems in this country. Gol is also evaluating the Mexican market.

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