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As we move up the level in equestrianism, we are realizing things that we could not even imagine.

Travel becomes a common thing when competing is one of our priorities.

For competitions that are not in your club, you must transfer the horse. The trip can be half an hour if you travel to another club in the same city, but it can be longer if you go further.

Any trip you take with your horse, long or short, you must plan and check everything.

- The truck or trailer: it will be important that it is in good condition, ready to go. Look at the oil, the gasoline, the tires. Make it clear to the driver where and how they get to their destination.

- The team- A long but basic list that as you learn what your horse needs and uses, it will be easy to remember:

Competition equipment for the horse:

Work bridle



Protective or work bandages



Travel equipment for the horse:

Block bridle



Knee pad

Hay and net

Water tank

Cleaning equipment for the horse:

Root brush and bruce

Clean helmets

Two sponges, one for the eyes and nostrils and one for the nose.


Grasade helmets


Comb for mane and tail


Competition equipment for the rider:

Competition jacket

White breeches





The day before traveling, you should have a few things under control:

- Clean, groom and brush your horse in a special way; wash his tail, mane, hands, feet ... if it's hot, wash the whole horse, if it's cold, be careful not to get a cold.
- Shear the horse, cut off its tail and mane.
- Make sure your horse has no problem getting into the truck.

The day, only two notes:
- Feed before leaving the horse, always depending on what time the trip is.
- Make sure you have all the equipment loaded, both yours and the horse's, and that you have something to eat.

At the time of getting on the horse in the truck:

Put the bridle and bridle on him, plus all the pads, blankets and other things your horse needs.
Take it decisively and firmly to the ramp of the truck and climb it.
Your assistant must close all the doors and partitions of the truck once it is loaded.
If you have problems:
Try it with a little feed or slap it on the rump decisively.
If this doesn't work:
Take a long rope. You will need the help of two other people:
Place the rope under the horse's buttocks and forcefully pull forward to allow the horse to climb the ramp. Don't forget to take the rope with you later, as you may need it around the corner. Once the horse is inside the truck, pet it a lot and give it a try. carrot as a reward.

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