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Prediction for 2020: year of the Earth Dog Yang

The day February 16, 2020 will start the year of the Earth Dog Yang and will end on February 4, 2020. The most important will be social movements, the need for stability, the search for good sense and the struggle to maintain a conservative policy throughout the world. Dialogue, tolerance and solidarity will be essential to maintain peace in the world.

The realism, the desire to put everything in its place, its lack of prominence and its altruism, will make the Earth Dog what we need, to put Peace in the world. The Dog is stubborn, democratic and tenacious. He is someone who does not accept a negative when he thinks he is doing things well, for everyone.

Good year to change your lifestyle, food, philosophy of life, friends. It will be a year to renew ourselves. Give or give away what we no longer use, tidy up our homes and travel lighter.

Complicated year with 5 eclipses. 2 lunar (1/31 and 07/27) and 3 solar (02/15, 07/13 and 08/11). They are always moments of tension, problems, fights and changes. But we will try to see beyond what our eyes see. We will try to reach agreements, calm down, listen to our intuition, be sensible.

It will be a year to face the problems and change everything that doesn't work. Confront fear and insecurities. There will be political changes and we will have to fight for our stability. They will change our priorities and we will use more time to do rewarding things.

For the next 7 years, we will see our stability in danger economic and our security, due to the arrival of Uranus to the sign of Taurus. We will live surreal moments, which we must know how to weather.

Companies and people Those who work in companies, who contribute to doing good for others, will be rewarded and will earn more money. I am referring to people who work in companies of: renewable energy, recycling, NGO's, Success comes from selflessness, love for others and humanity, good communication, altruism, generosity.

Ethics and morals, doing good, family, responsibility ... is what brings us balance and happiness. If you are single, it will be easy for you to fall in love and get married.

This year's problem with the Yang Earth Dog is that this extreme sensitivity towards social welfare, can lead us to demand political change and social mobilizations.

Tips to feel better in times of stress: abeneficial and balancing activities: massages, walking barefoot on the land, the sand on the beach, hugging, shaking hands.

  • The most favored signs: Goat, Hare, Monkey, Dog
  • The most affected signs: Tiger, Snake, Pig, Dog
  • The signs with a more moved year: Rat, Ox, Dragon
  • The lucky numbers: 6 and 8
  • The colors of the year for luck: Green (Wood element); Blue and Black (Water element); red and gold (Fire element).
  • Our weak points: the stomach and the digestions, the eyes, the spleen and the depressions.
  • The most favored elements for the Dog: those of the Earth, Fire and Metal elements.
  • The most affected elementsthey will be: those that have a lot of the Water and Wood element.

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2020 Chinese Horoscope Prediction:

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