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Interpretation of dreams that begin with the letter A


  • Dream About Sores

Sores in the throat

  • Dream About Throat Sores


  • Dream About Call

To call

  • Dream of Calling

Call by telephone

  • Dream About Calling on the Phone
  • Dream About Phone Call

Knock at the door

  • Dream of knocking on the door


  • Dream of Flames

Meanings related to dream of flames:

  • Dream About Building on Fire
  • Dream of fire,
  • Dream of fire

Bicycle tires

  • Dream About Bicycle Tires

Meanings related to dream with Bicycle tires:

  • Dream about bicycle


  • Dream About Car Tires

Meanings related to dream with tires of car:

  • Dream About Tires
  • Dream about wheel. Dream about car
  • Dreaming of a Wheelchair

Cry / cry

Dreaming that you cry represents a way to bring out negative emotions caused by something in your real life. If you cry in your dream, it is a way to regain your emotional balance and bring out your fears and grief. During the day, many people repress their negative feelings and this dream is an escape route. Dreaming that you are crying and nobody heard youa, represents the difficulties you have in your daily life to communicate with others.

Full meaning in:

  • Dream of crying
  • Dream of crying
  • Dream of crying a lot

Crying Baby

  • Dream About Baby Crying

Meanings related to dream with Crying baby:

  • Dream About Baby
  • Dream of crying


  • Dream of Plain

Meanings related to dream of plain:

  • Dream of Paramo
  • Dream about Heath


Dreaming of a key symbolizes possibilities, control, secrets or responsibilities. Perhaps you are trying to lock down your innermost feelings and emotions.

If you dream that lose your keys, represents your own fear of losing your status in real life. You may have lost control of yourself. It is also a warning of possible negative changes.

Dream that give someone a key indicates that you are willing to assign responsibility for something in your real life to third parties. If in your dream you find some keys, it means that you have found the solution to a problem.

Dream about him key noise it means that your attitude towards life is correct and that you are sensible and decisive.

Full meaning in:

  • Dream with Keys

Key chain

  • Dream with Keychain


  • Dream of Arrival


  • Dream of Arriving

Meanings related to dream with Reach:

  • Dream of Reaching
  • Dream of Arrival

Reach the top

  • Dream About Reaching the Top

Arrive on a trip

  • Dream of Coming on a trip

Meanings related to dream with arrive on a trip:

  • Dream about travel

To be late

  • Dream About Being Late
  • Dreaming of being late to a place
  • Dream About Being Late for an Exam
  • Dream About Being Late for Work

Fill in

  • Dream About Fill


  • Dream of Carrying

Meaning related to dream of Carrying: Dreaming of Transporting

Carry on arms

  • Dream of Carrying in Arms

Meanings related to dream of carrying:

  • Dream with Arms


  • Dream of crying
  • Dream of Crying with Emotion
  • Dream of Crying Disconsolately
  • Dream of Crying with Rage
  • Dream of Crying in a Church
  • Dream About Crying Blood


  • Dream About Drizzle

Rain to rain

To dream of rain is to dream of a symbol of fertility and cleanliness.

Yes dreams that he gets wet in the rain, it means that you will soon feel free and clean from your current problems in real life. See rain and hearing the noise of the rain in your dreams represents forgiveness, and also good luck and love.
Full meaning in:

  • Dream About Rain
  • Dream of raining

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