Oscar Torrijos Restaurant (Valencia)

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The Torrijos Restaurant is located in the center of Valencia, in the Ruzafa area. It inherits the location of the legendary Valencian restaurant "Oscar Torrijos" founded in 1987 and which went on to obtain a Michelin star. Today, the daughter and son-in-law of Oscar Torrijos, the tandem Josep Quintana and Raquel Torrijos have expanded and renovated this restaurant with a new look and attractive decoration since 2004.

Josep Quintana, following the creative line of the roots of this establishment, practices a creative modern cuisine without excess fuss. Priority to seasonal products with a trend towards the Mediterranean. His regulars love tapas and starters: tomato tartare; avocado and anchovy; oyster with foie and white garlic; etc. The tasting menu is recommended.

Raquel Torrijos obtained in 2003 the award of "The silver nose" in the sommelier contest, which accredits her as an authority on the subject. The wine list includes more than 500 selected references from the best wineries.

As director of the room, Raquel is in favor of the waiters not being mere carriers but "transmitters of the philosophy of the dish." Its "Torrijos Space", attached to the restaurant and briefly reviewed below is indicative of its personality.

Google Maps address and telephone: Doctor Sumsi, 4. (46005 Valencia). Tel: 963 732 949.
Chef: Josep Quintana (kitchen) and Raquel Torrijos (Room)

Menu / Recommended dishes: King prawn with sweet veal, gorgonzola soup and capers. Sole with saffron sauce. Creamy belly rice with conger eel and crispy pork ear. Tuna belly with smoked aubergine, fresh cheese and black pepper ice cream. Fake cinnamon cake with Thai grapefruit and quince and rose ice cream. Menu. Tasting menu.

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Closed Sunday night and Monday (autumn-winter), Saturday lunchtime and Sunday (spring-summer); Holy Week and fifteen days after Kings.

Torrijos Space. Local attached to the restaurant dedicated to gastronomic art for tastings, courses and culinary demonstrations of various kinds. Raquel Torrijos promotes this attractive space.

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