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PubSub is a small New York startup that according to MIT in its Technology Review, "It has developed a high-performance search engine that motorizes information online in real time."

We've been testing it and we'll have to keep track of it. Unlike Google News, for example, PubSubno searches documents already published, but only those published from the moment of subscription. In this sense it is perhaps more similar to Google Alert.

A formula that allows you to follow for free what is published in millions of weblogs on any subject that interests you. The press offices of the ministries or companies can make a subscription with the keyword "Zapatero" or Telefónica "and have a good dossier of those published in the world of weblogs.

Its technology provides useful data, such as aircraft flight delays at airports (Airport Delays), once the airport in question has been entered.

Another curious topic is the LinkRanks (something like a pagerank ranking) that allows you to see the place in a world ranking of any website. The ranking in the first places was like this today 12/18/2004:

  5. Google com

There is not a single Hispanic website in the top 100. Although some inconsistencies are still observed. Links:

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