Chinese Horoscope: Pig or Boar Water 2020

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Year of the Dog Earth Yang for the Pig or Boar Water 2020

The Earth Dog and the Pig or the Water Boar together they can do wonders. They get along perfectly, they love each other, they understand each other and they are happy together. This year everything will flow for the Pig or Wild Boar and its advance will be enormous thanks to its influence.

The year of the Earth Dog Yang begins on February 16, 2020 and ends on February 4, 2020.

Personal Evolution

PersonallyIt will be a very good year, in which everything will flow and you will see how all things are positioned to achieve your goals. It will be successful, but also preparatory, for all the good that will come to you in 2020.


Love will surprise you this year. A friend could become something more or a relationship that begins as friendship, ends up being the love of your life. In any case, the year of the Earth Dog will bring you happiness and a long-term relationship.


At work, you will do very well. It will be full of successes. Your ambition and a job well done will lead to a promotion or change you to a new job with more responsibilities and you are going to love this. You are going to acquire new knowledge and experience in a subject that you do not know, but that you are going to like. Your initiative and your power of decision will make a difference with your colleagues. You will offer a stronger and more confident professional image. Those who prefer to change jobs will have the opportunity to do so.


Economically you will improve considerably. Besides your salary, you could get a raise. In any case, not all the money will come to you from your work, but you will have other money inflows, which will allow you to do everything you want. You need to stick to a budget, otherwise you will spend it all. If you get into trouble, ask for help quickly to get out of it so that the ball does not get big.


This year you will have happiness, successes and moving for some of the components of your family. Always to improve. There could be family work, starting a company or a collaboration.

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