Historical file of automobile insurance

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The historical file is a personal database.

What is the Insured Vehicle Information File?

Is a database where the Insurance Compensation Consortium gathers the data of the insurers, that cover the Civil Responsibility of each of the vehicles that circulate and contrasts them with the traffic information, to control the circulation of cars without insurance.

It is a control to verify and control vehicle owners in compliance with the mandatory insurance contracting.

The insurers provide the data of the registration, make and model of the vehicle, the insurance company, the start date of the provision and the end of the term, and finally the type of contract chosen. On the other hand, the General Directorate of Traffic provides the Consortium with the brand, model and technical data of the vehicle with the name, DNI or company name or NIF of the owner with his address.

In the event of an accident, the Consortium provides data to those involved in accidents, to the Fiscal Ministry, and to the judges or courts that request it. Your application is very simple, you just have to fill out a form, which can be presented in person at the consortium or sent by FAX.

To determine the rates, the accident rate of the one who contracts the insurance is taken into account, through a file that collects all the driver's history. This file can be consulted by all insurance companies.

The historical file is a personal data base, where insurers can rate, obtain statistics and accident studies.

It can be consulted as long as it is adhered and interconnected in a network and thus adjust the premium that is applied to each insured based on a history of the driver.

For the consultation, the surname, ID and registration number of the vehicle are needed.

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