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Google Introduces a Desktop Sharing Tool for Chrome

Google is not reinventing the wheel with this tool that allows you to connect any two computers using the Chrome browser. However, the integration of this remote desktop functionality into a Google product might be welcomed by some users who do not trust other providers that already offer the service.

Called Chrome Remote Desktop, the new tool, which is in the testing phase (beta), allows you to connect two computers that have a Chrome browser, including systems with Windows, Linux and Mac OS, in addition to Chromebooks . The application can access all the data on a remote computer, but it is necessary that the person who decides to share access to his computer a code to the person who is going to exploit it remotely. Authentication must be done each time access is granted.

The company introduced the new cross-platform extension for its Chrome browser on Friday.
There are other products on the market that allow access to another team, including TeamViewer, which is free for non-commercial use, and a website called, which is also free.

Today's free Google application allows IT administrators - or anyone else - to remotely access user computers to solve technical problems. In the release notes, Google stated that other additional use cases will be available soon, such as being able to access our own computer remotely.

Source: pcWorld

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