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Lucy,female name of Latin origin "lux", its meaning is "She who carries the light"or"The one that is born from the light"in reference to girls born at dawn.

History and the Saint

Saint Lucia, virgin and martyr. She was born in Syracuse, Italy in the year 304. From a very early age she makes vows of chastity, vowing to remain virgin and pure; but her mother wants to marry her to a young pagan. According to legend, her sick mother and Lucia decided to take her on a pilgrimage to the tomb of Santa Agueda, but not before proposing to her mother that if she were cured, she would be free to not marry. Upon reaching the grave, his mother miraculously heals and his mother lets her free to decide on her fate, but the young suitor feels disgusted and, in the face of her refusal, reveals her. She is brought before the court, the governor tries to persuade her but Lucia remains faithful to her Christian faith. She died martyred, patron of the blind, of Syracuse, Venice, repentant prostitutes, peasants, notaries, dressmakers, etc. It is invoked against blindness and eye diseases.

His Saint is celebrated on December 13.

OtherSantas Lucia: Saint Lucia, martyr is celebrated on July 6 and September 16; Saint Lucia Filippini, virgin on March 25, Saint Lucia Khambang, virgin and martyr on December 26.

Variant of Lucia

Lucia variants Lucy, Lucita, Lucinda.

Lucy in other languages:

  • Catalan: Llúcia.
  • French: Lucie, Shine.
  • English: Lucy.
  • Italian: Lucy.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Lucia

  • Lucia Etxebarria, was born in Bermeo, Vizcaya in the year 1966; writer, among her works we highlight: "Beatriz and the heavenly bodies", Nadal Prize 1998;"Of the visible and the invisible", Prize Primaverade Novela 2001.
  • Paco de Lucia, was born in Algeciras, Cádizen in 1947, the most popular flamenco guitarist in history; I bring new air to popular music, jazz, blues and flamenco.
  • Lucia BoséBorn in Milan in 1931, an Italian actress who married the bullfighter Luís Miguel Dominguin and the mother of the singer Miguel Bosé.

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