7 strange phenomena of the mind

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That the mind plays tricks on us is something we already know. But do you know what those oddities that sometimes happen to us are called?

1. L'esprit de l’Escalier

Literally translated as “The Spirit of the Ladder” - it's that horrible feeling of suddenly knowing what to say or do in a certain situation, but it's too late to do it.

Like when hours after having an argument, the argument or the figure or whatever it is that would have surely given you the reason comes to mind.

2. Déjà Vu

It is the feeling of being sure that you have experienced a situation before. As if a situation that already happened in the past had been perfectly repeated.

Science has not yet understood many things about this phenomenon and establishes that the sensation of Déjà Vu occurs due to a common mistake in the human mind. Our brain is wrong to label a new situation as one that we have already experienced.
It is something similar to what we feel with a nightmare, we have a strong memory of the situation but we are not able to explain how, when or why it happened.

To put it another way, our brain has 2 types of memory: long-term memory and short-term memory and when we feel a Déjà Vu it is because they get disordered. The unconscious and the conscious mix. The real and the unreal.

In most cases we are able to distinguish the real and the unreal but sometimes the mind plays a trick on us and mixes both sensations, that is why many times we confuse unreal experiences (nightmares) with real life.

3. Déjà Vécu

Similar to Déjà Vu but much deeper. In a Déjà Vu moment we have the feeling that we have seen something before, with a Déjà Vécu it is something that we have experienced or lived before. In fact, many times we should say Déjà Vécu instead of Déjà Vu because what really sets them apart is intensity.

With Déjà Vécu you can have the sensation of smell, noises even emotions that you have been able to experience, something that does not happen with Déjà Vu.

4. Déjà Senti

It is the feeling of having already felt something before. This sometimes translates into the feeling that you feel like you just said something, when you haven't really said anything.

5. Déjà I visited

It's the incredible feeling of familiarity with a place you've never been. It can be a house, a city, a forest ... the place does not matter.

It is the most confusing feeling of all and it has sometimes been thought that there is “something else” behind it. Perhaps because it is the least frequent it is the strangest.

Ah! Do you have something on the tip of your tongue? You can have a:

6. Presque Vu

It's the uncomfortable feeling of trying to remember a word or an idea but you can't. It is quite a strange experience, it is something like if you see the word in your mind but you cannot find it to vocalize it.

7. Jamais Vu

It's like the opposite of Déjà vu. It is a rare feeling that something is not recognized, it is not known to you. In other words, you are not able to recognize an already lived sensation.

This happens when you repeat the same word or phrase over and over again until eventually it stops making sense. You start to doubt if it is written well like that or if it has any logic. Weird, right?

Some of these oddities have ever happened to all of us. We want to know yours so do not hesitate to leave your comment by sharing it. Regards!

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