Meals to succeed at a beach picnic

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Easy and delicious recipes for a beach picnic

To succeed in choosing the beach menu, it is best to choose dishes that can be eaten cold. Go for simple, tasty meals that are easy to eat.

Fresh summer salad

Pasta and chicken salad

Country salad

Pasta Salad - Italian Recipe

Potato and onion omelette

Gazpacho couscous

Murciana Salad

Stuffed tortilla roll

Beef sirloin sandwich

Vegetarian snacks

Cold stuffed meatloaf

Breaded chicken fillets

Chicken and cheese patties

Zucchini, ricotta and bacon quiche

Some basic tips so that your picnic meals do not lose quality:

  • Bring the salad dressing prepared separately and dress at the moment.
  • Do not store food in hot tuppers, let them cool before putting them in the tupper so they do not absorb steam.
  • Food with eggs (cooked, in an omelette ...) must be well cooked and must be transported in the cooler to avoid risks.
  • It is important to maintain the cold chain of food to avoid risks, take the food in a portable refrigerator, and when you get to the site put the refrigerator in the shade.
  • Don't put cooked and uncooked foods together to avoid cross contamination

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